Lisa Grayson for Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas Judge

For Families.  For Veterans.  For You.

Carlisle Attorney and current Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans’ Court, the Honorable Lisa Grayson, first announced her candidacy for the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas Judge on WHP 580’s radio host RJ Harris’ Veterans Breakfast, in November.  There will be two judgeships on the ballot in 2019, one to fill the vacancy created when M.L. “Skip” Ebert was appointed as District Attorney, the other, an expanded seat due to the growing population of the county. 


“Being elected Judge will allow me to continue to serve my community and bring together my greatest passions for protecting the rights of vulnerable people, guiding families through difficult times, and helping my fellow military service members who have hit rock bottom. It’s time for Cumberland County to have a dedicated Orphans’ Court and Family Law Judge. One that will focus on cases involving families dealing with divorce, custody, abuse, and adoption as well as the ever-growing population, mostly baby-boomers, who are facing the need for guardianships. I also want to establish a Veterans’ Court. Cumberland County has 22,000 veterans and some of them end up in the criminal justice system. Across the Commonwealth, Veterans Courts have an 80% or higher success rate. We owe it to the veterans and families to bring these tools to the Cumberland County bench.”

~ Lisa Grayson.

On NOVEMBER 5, 2019 vote in the
General Election for Lisa Grayson
for Cumberland County Court
of Common Pleas Judge