“Lisa is intelligent, and she has an analytical mind. She exhibits a great deal of common sense. These are all qualities that make an excellent judge. If Cumberland County decides to have a separate Orphans Court, Lisa is the only candidate qualified to be the Judge of the Orphans Court. I have no reservation whatsoever in endorsing Lisa Grayson for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.”

- David C. Cleaver, Esquire, Adjunct Professor at Dickinson Penn State Law, teaches Probate, Estates, and Trusts and Probate Practice, as well as author of Pennsylvania Probate Practice, the handbook for Probate and Estate practitioners.
“I first started working with Lisa about 14 years ago when we founded the Pennsylvania Bar Association Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Since then, Lisa has been a constant contributor to the efforts to protect the veterans and active military members in the state. I am proud to see her now as the Chair of the Committee after her many years of dedicated service. As an Air Force JAG Lieutenant Colonel and a member of the committee, Lisa has assisted on legislative initiatives for custody rights of veterans, provided pro bono services for veterans, and took an active part in leadership and outreach. She recognizes the needs of veterans and is the person to bring a Veterans Court to Cumberland County. Lisa has the perfect combination of experience in private and public legal service to be an extremely effective County Judge. She will be a highly professional, dedicated, and fair Judge. Lisa will bring with her the experience and background that is currently missing in the Cumberland County courts. Lisa is a strong and successful leader, and she will represent the courts in Cumberland County well.”

- Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and the Managing Partner of Capozzi Adler, PC, Andrew Eisemann.
                                                                                                                                              My heartfelt gratitude to Steve Todd for his letter of support. He confirms that you do not need to be the same party to support a good candidate, especially one who is to be neutral on the bench. Thank you, Steve!

I am a Cumberland County Democrat.  I endorse and ask your support for Republican Lisa Grayson, for judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Cumberland County.

Why would I do this?  I am proudly and solidly far left politically, she is as proud to be a Republican.  Conventional wisdom would have me opposing her election. Conventional wisdom is often wrong.

We need good, honest, honorable judges, of the utmost work ethic.  I can vouch for the good, honest, and honorable parts.  But to be fair, most of her opponents of whom I know anything fit that bill.  Lisa has something more.

A quick look at her history shows someone who has pulled herself up from very modest beginnings through a life of ever-increasing success.  From her service in the US Air Force (which continues decades later in the Air Guard), to local attorney, then US District Court attorney, to her present job as our Register of Wills.  

Lisa embodies the American dream as we all envision it.  Very few candidates for office do, and I’ve known many.  Left, right or center is irrelevant to this fact.

Elect a hard working judge whose life experience outside of the insular bubble of The Political Class leaves her uniquely qualified to sit in judgment of those accused of wrongdoing.



Steve Todd

Monroe Twp, Cumberland County




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