More than one-third of all cases involve families.  There is a clear need to have a judge who focuses on family matters.  The families of Cumberland County deserve a Judge who understands and is compassionate about their personal situations.  Lisa has an extensive background in cases dealing with divorce, custody, support, protection from abuse, child abuse, and dependency.  Orphans’ Court matters include termination of parental rights, adoptions, guardianships, accounts, probate and estate matters.  Lisa has practiced on both sides of the Orphans’ Court counter, bringing a distinctive perspective.

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With 22,000 Veterans in Cumberland County and the historical success rate of 80-95% in other Veterans Courts, it’s time we bring one to Cumberland County to help the men and women who have fought honorably for our freedom.  Lisa’s 33 years serving our nation at home and abroad, gives her an inside look at the challenges our veterans face.  As a JAG, Lisa has prosecuted, defended, counseled and advised fellow service members.  Lisa is also a certified Special Victims Counsel.  In this role, she protected the rights of military service members who were victims of sexual assault.  Our service members face untold horrors and traumas that sometimes interfere with their successful reunification into civilian life.  Veterans Courts offer them a place to address their issues and get back on the right track.  Our Veterans deserve a Judge who is ready to serve those who have sacrificed so much for us.



Lisa is a highly seasoned attorney experienced in private litigation, military law, and complex courtroom proceedings in criminal and civil law at the Federal, State, and County levels.  You deserve a Judge that has the right experience, temperament, and dedication to work for you.